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ATGF provides comprehensive title insurance and settlement services for real estate and lending professionals

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About ATGF

ATGF offers title insurance and settlement services directly through our offices in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, and Utah.

When you succeed - we succeed

We take great pride the relationships we’ve built with the over five hundred independent agents and attorneys that issue ATGF policies. We are here to help you achieve your business goals.

Closing Protection Letter Verification

If you need to verify a CPL received from an agent, you have three options as outlined below. The fastest and easiest option is the Instant Verification which utilizes the Confirmation Code at the top of the CPL.

Instant Verification: Enter the Confirmation Code from the CPL then click on the View button:

If you do not have a Confirmation Code, please contact ATGF:

‍Note: Closing Protection Letters are generated in a PDF format. You will need a PDF Reader to view the file.

Financial Stability

While ATGF is smaller than some other underwriters, there is much more behind an ATGF policy than meets the eye. ATGF is reinsured with Lloyds of London, the oldest and most respected insurance organization in the world.

Agent Bulletins

Agent bulletins include information and education sent to our agents