ATGF is committed to fostering good title insurance business practices. This includes providing training, educational resources, and guidelines to our agents.

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Streamlined claims handling
Training and support
Marketing tools and advice
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Protect Your Clients

Underwriting mandates standards for premiums, borrowing, and more. Without qualified underwriting and dependable insurance, you assume the risk involved when granting a loan, insurance policy, or investment portfolio.

Why use an underwriter?

Underwriters conduct research and assess degrees of risk from a thorough analysis of an entire loan, insurance, or investment portfolio. The underwriter will then inform clients whether they should refuse coverage based on data obtained.

Why our agents choose us

Underwriting Expertise with more than 50 years of experience, ATGF provides localized underwriting support to our agents.

Training and support ATGF agents receive the very best personalized training and agent support.

In-House Attorneys for Compliance

Streamlined claims handling Our web-based claims submission capabilities streamline the claims process for your clients - and you!

No Monthly Quotas we provide the highest level of title underwriting services, regardless of whether your agency generates the largest or most modest premium volume.

Marketing tools and advice to help grow your business

EPIC® Electronic Policy Issuance Capability Create and issue your policies, commitments and CPLs - all online and at no charge to you!

News, information & continuing education relevant to your business

Title search capabilities for all ATGF locations

Underwriting guidelines to ensure sound practices and procedures

Qualifications & Certifications

ATGF underwriters are certified, so our clients can rest assured knowing our underwriters have meticulously examined all details, effectively mitigating risk.

News & Updates

ATGF agent bulletins, education, and information