New ACH Remittance Program


We have a new program to completely eliminate any unmatched check issues for your premium payments.

ACH Remittance Program

Here’s a little more information on our ACH remittance program.  It’s a simple process flow which ensures 100% accurate remittance amounts and saves time cutting and mailing your checks to ATGF:

  1. At the middle of each month, the ATGF Accounting team will generate a premium remittance report for the prior month for all files where policies have been issued. This ensures that we have 100% accuracy for all premium remittance amounts per policy, CPL, and endorsements for each file.
  1. ATGF then sends the completed report to you via email as an attachment.  The invoice will break out specific fees per file and CPL amounts due so you can validate against your records. The email will also specify the amount and the date of the ACH collection (usually about a week after the invoice is sent).
  1. Once you have validated the numbers, you will confirm the amount, and approve the ACH prior to ATGF initiating the withdrawal from your operating account.

Please find attached ACH Authorization Form

If you have any questions or would like to start the ACH program with ATGF, please reach out to Rudy Krupka at


Our mutual goal is to reduce the number of checks printed and mailed to ATGF, saving you time printing individual checks, ensuring 100% accuracy, and saving both organizations time if checks do not match according to the premium.

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