Title Insurance

Your agency deserves reliable title insurance

Title Insurance protects you

Title insurance is assurance that the title to your property is free and clear of anything that would hinder your ability to sell or borrow against your property in the future.

What Does Title Insurance do?

This unique form of insurance protects from past events. These could be unpaid debts, misinterpretation of instruments (like wills and deeds), forged documents, undisclosed heirs, and judgments against previous owners.

Who Needs Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is necessary for any buyer or owner of property. It also protects mortgage lenders against mishaps.

Owner's Policy

An Owner’s Title Policy protects you from unforeseen issues that limit your use and enjoyment of the property and bear financial burdens. Only an Owner’s Policy will fully protect you should a title problem arise that was overlooked during prior title examinations.

Lender's Policy

Most mortgage lenders require you to pay for a Lender’s Policy, which ensures the validity and position of their lien and protects them for the loan amount.

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