Generating & Submitting your ATGF Remittance Report in 5 Easy Steps



Sometime this year ATGF will be moving towards a mandatory requirement where all premium remittance checks include a copy of the new remittance report generated from EPIC.

ATGF created a new remittance report in EPIC, whereby Agents are able to obtain exact details on policy premiums due, check a specific file you plan to pay, and know the exact amount of your premium with any endorsements or CPLs that are due per file.  The old remittance report will be discontinued and removed from EPIC next quarter.

Our goal with providing you specific premium amounts due per file is to eliminate any issues with mis-matched checks which then must be handled one-by-one and returned to each agent.  You can still send individual checks per file or one lump check (preferred method) for those policies you have selected to pay.

1. Login to EPIC

Using the "Log In" option in the navbar above or clicking here will direct you to the EPIC portal.

2. Select Agent Remittance Report

From the primary navbar, hover over "Tools" for drop-down menu. Navigate to "Agent Remittance Report" and select.

Image 1 - EPIC Agent Remittance Report

3. Scroll to Applicable Month

Image 2 - EPIC Remittance Report Date

4. Select Items to be Paid

Check the boxes for each file being remitted. Amount to remit includes all policies and CPLs in each file.

Image 3 - EPIC Select Items to be Paid

5. Print

As shown in Image 2, select the "Print" button for the applicable month and include printed report with remittance check.

The report calculates the total amount to remit.

To remit more than one month, print report and issue corresponding check for each month.

Please note: files remain on Remittance Report until payment is received and processed by ATGF

Should you have any questions, please reach out to your State Agency Representative or email

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