COVID-19 Message from our CEO


COVID 19 Message

Together, we find ourselves in an extraordinary situation with COVID-19. In the past few weeks, things have moved very quickly, and this pandemic is affecting all of our communities, our families and our way of doing business. The Title Insurance Industry has been designated as an essential business that should remain open to continue serving an important sector of our economy. Although it has not been easy, title companies have found a way to continue to serve the real estate industry in a safe and healthy manner that follows CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus. I am very impressed with the commitment I have seen from a broad spectrum of companies and people in our industry to continue serving the community during these difficult times. At ATGF we are committed to getting you the tools you need to succeed.

People are the most important thing we protect

Who you choose as your title insurance provider is your choice. That’s why you should work with a company that puts people first. At ATGF, we care about everyone who touches a title insurance policy. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, getting a mortgage refinance, are a mortgage provider, working at a title agency or an ATGF employee, we’re here for you.

We are not laying off employees

Some companies care more about their bottom line than their employees. Despite a 10 year run of exorbitant profits for larger title insurance corporations, some have chosen to protect their balance sheets rather than their people. Our employees are more than a workforce. They are our family -- and we’re all in this together.

Working safely together

Everyone’s safety is our top priority. Just because our people are working remotely doesn’t mean they’re working in isolation. All of our people are connected through our secure virtual office environment. We offer the same excellent level of service and underwriting guidance that we’ve always provided.

Supporting your local, independent title agency

Every employee of the title agencies who work with ATGF are part of our family too. As small businesses who play a vital role in your local economy, it’s important we look out for them. That’s where EPIC, our secure cloud software for title agents, comes in. It’s accessible no matter where they’re located. That’s safe and that’s smart.

Ask about ATGF Title Insurance in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Minnesota and North Dakota

If you are working with a title agent, ask them if they offer ATGF Title Insurance. If you don’t have a title agency relationship, contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

Get title insurance from the company that puts people and your community first
About Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.

Founded in 1960, ATGF provides best in class title insurance underwriting and services for more than 60 years. The company's mission is helping agents succeed through trusted products and services, innovative technology and amazing support. The company currently pursues this mission by underwriting, training and supporting agents in Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nevada, and Arizona.  ATGF has maintained a strong Financial Stability Rating(r) (FSR) of A, Exceptional, from the independent rating agency, Demotech, Inc.