For some months we have been working with the Denver City assessor’s office and the Denver City Attorney on the way in which properties which lie within, or partly within, Steck’s Addition to Denver should be described. 

Their concern has been that deeds are recorded using different ways to describe these properties and there is no uniform description. 

In the past, the assessor has “rejected” deeds which, according to the assessor, does not correctly described such properties. As you all aware, the assessor then sends a letter to the grantee under the deed, advising the grantee that the legal description is incorrect and that a correction deed should be recorded to correct the legal description. On recording of the correction deed, the assessor will update its records and transfer the records into the name of the grantee. 

The Denver City assessor and the Denver city attorney have now agreed that the assessor will not reject any deeds which do not comply. There are only a small number of properties affected by this problem in this subdivision. 

Therefore, going forward, deeds conveying properties in Steck’s Addition will be accepted by the assessor. In turn, we have agreed to send out this notice to the LTAC members requesting that going forward, title companies will use, to their best ability, the preferred name for properties in Steck's Addition/East Denver. This will apply to title work and documents affecting title. 

The City’s preferred description for these properties is: 

If the property is completely within the area known as Steck's Addition: 
“East Denver, commonly known as Steck's Addition…….” or “East Denver, commonly referred to as Steck's Addition to Denver" 

If the property is partially within the area known as Stecks Addition: 
Partly in East Denver and partly in what is known as Steck's Addition to Denver" 

Through SKLD, we will arrange for SKLD to update the plat edit for these lots to show the preferred wording. 

The Real Estate Law Section Council, which participated in these discussions, has agreed to send out a similar notice to its members.