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New classes added to the ATGF course offering!

posted Apr 15, 2013, 11:39 AM by web admin
April 15, 2013  
ATGF is pleased to announce two more classes have been added to our already comprehensive course calendar  for our agents in Colorado ( 

NEW!EPIC PLUS Escrow Class

EPIC PLUS Escrow Training will be useful for agents and title companies that are utilizing EPIC as a stand- alone title production system. In this class we will teach you how to complete the HUD, use of the disbursements feature and how to export to QuickBooks. Having QuickBooks installed on your system is a pre-requisite to using EPIC PLUS for escrow. It won't take a full 2 hours to complete the training, but we have left some time open for Q&A at the end.

NEW!Audit Training

With attention focused on the title industry recently, it's imperative title companies and agencies ensure "best practices" in the extremely competitive market to avoid undesired repercussions from the regulators. In this class we will focus on why ATGF performs agent audits, what ATGF will be auditing, i.e.: search and examination of title, preparation of title commitments, title exception clearance, preparation of title policies, policy remittance procedures, file balancing, trust account reconciliation and general closing procedures -- just to mention a few.

Along with title production review, the auditor will also be looking at your marketing practices, effective use of EPIC and licensing requirements. If you have not been through an audit, this will give you good materials to make sure your agency is looking at the best practices for the title industry. If you have been through an audit, this will be helpful information to review to make sure you are on track to be competitive in the marketplace and in line with the regulators requirements. 

For more information and to see our complete course calendar, click here.