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Class Descriptions

NEW!Creating the Closing Disclosure in EPIC

Join us as we navigate the new Closing Disclosure form.  This session will show you how to prepare and generate the Closing Disclosure, Disbursement Sheet and Settlement Statements in EPIC.  Recommended for EPIC Plus users who use EPIC for their HUD/Disbursements, but all are invited to join.

RECORDED SESSIONTILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure

Join us as we navigate through the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule and its effect on our industry.  In addition to an in depth look at the changes, we will talk about how you can start this important conversation with your realtors and lenders and what you can do to prepare your agency for this big change. Login to EPIC for your link to the webcast.

ATGF Endorsement Review

This is an informative session where we will review the most commonly used endorsements. We will discuss the coverage provided in the endorsement and discuss the corresponding underwriter requirements.  This is a good review for the experienced title/escrow professional and a good start for any new title/escrow professional.

EPIC Basic Class

Electronic Policy Issuance Capability (EPIC) will take you from start to finish with your title production. We cover how to import from an existing escrow system, to issuing a closing protection letter (CPL), how to issue commitments and finally how to issue the policy. A spiral bound pocket guide will be sent to you prior to the class. This will allow you to make notes as we go along. This class will be presented via computer/phone webinar or may be attended in person at our ATGF location in Greenwood Village.

EPIC Admin Class

EPIC is the next class after EPIC Basic. You will need to have access to log in as the administrator in EPIC on your computer and we will cover the following functions:

Review of administration screen and functions
 New user setup
Changing passwords
 Auto numbering capability
Monthly billing statements
 Tax certificate charge in profile for Colorado
WFG Credentials (for jackets) in Minnesota and North Dakota

EPIC Advanced Class

EPIC is the final class for the EPIC system. You should have a full working knowledge of the EPIC Basics before attending this class. We will cover the following list of items in this class:

Copy case and templates
 Managing your codes
Uploading legal descriptions
 Using “other” documents in the Docs tab
Subordinate items

EPIC PLUS Escrow Class

EPIC PLUS Escrow Training will be useful for agents and title companies that are utilizing EPIC as a stand- alone title production system. In this class we will teach you how to complete the HUD, use of the disbursements feature and how to export to QuickBooks. Having QuickBooks installed on your system is a pre-requisite to using EPIC PLUS for escrow.  It won't take a full 2 hours to complete the training, but we have left some time open for Q&A at the end.

Audit Training

With attention focused on the title industry recently, it's imperative title companies and agencies ensure "best practices" in the extremely competitive market to avoid undesired repercussions from the regulators. In this class we will focus on why ATGF performs agent audits, what ATGF will be auditing, i.e.: search and examination of title, preparation of title commitments, title exception clearance, preparation of title policies, policy remittance procedures, file balancing, trust account reconciliation and general closing procedures -- just to mention a few. 

Along with title production review, the auditor will also be looking at your marketing practices, effective use of EPIC and licensing requirements. If you have not been through an audit, this will give you good materials to make sure your agency is looking at the best practices for the title industry. If you have been through an audit, this will be helpful information to review to make sure you are on track to be competitive in the marketplace and in line with the regulators requirements. 

Rate Training

This is a review of the new rate filing to take place approximately January 18, 2013. Everyone is encouraged to attend this informative session.

Title Insurance 101

Title 101 is a great class for those looking to have a refresher course on the basics of title insurance, or maybe those that are escrow agents to have a better understanding of title. This course will be the “what and why” title insurance discussion and review of the title commitment.

Title Insurance 102

Title 102 will be an in depth coverage of the following items:

 Deeds of Trust
 Homeowners Associations

Title Insurance 103

Title 103 will require a comfort level and experience with topics covered in Title Insurance 101 and 102. This course will cover in depth the following topics:

Spurious Liens
Lis Pendens
Mechanic Liens
Tax Liens (federal, state and estate)

Bankruptcy Class

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay outstanding debts. Bankruptcy offers an individual or business a fresh start by forgiving debts that can’t be paid while offering creditors a chance to obtain some repayment based on what assets area available.  In this class you will learn the differences between a chapter 7 and 13, how Colorado notices are filed, typical procedures, effects on judgments and foreclosure. The class also covers the review of bankruptcy in EPIC.

Entities Class

The term entity means a legal person other than a human being that is capable of holding title to real property in the State of Colorado. This class covers the many options of Entities including Colorado corporations, foreign corporations, non-profit corporations, general partnerships, joint ventures, limited partnerships, and many others. You will also learn how to incorporate these business entities into EPIC.

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