A Legacy of Serving Independent Title Professionals

ATGF provides the best underwriting service to title agents of all sizes and types in Colorado, Utah, Minnesota , North Dakota, Arizona and now Nevada. Over the last 50+ years, ATGF has developed a reputation for best-in-class service, outstanding underwriting support and strong agent training. Today, we remain committed to these fundamentals while looking to the future by delivering leading-edge technologies to the title insurance industry.  This exciting new direction ensures the continued growth and success of ATGF while ultimately providing the best in title insurance for consumers.


ATGF traces its beginnings to the late 1950s, when a sub-committee of the Colorado Bar Association met to discuss the initiation of a Bar-Related® title company in Colorado. Incorporated in 1960, the first policy was issued in 1962. In 1966, ATGF joined with representatives of the Utah State Bar to qualify to do business in Utah. On July 17, 1966, the Utah office of ATGF began offering title insurance through its Utah attorneys. In 1972, ATGF began serving Minnesota attorneys and in 1989 began serving North Dakota attorneys.

Title insurance is issued through a vast network of licensed agents in each state. With its home office in Denver, Colorado, ATGF has offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Salt Lake City, Utah.


Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, Arizona & Nevada

Memberships & Associations

American Land Title Association

Land Title Association of Colorado

Minnesota Land Title Association

Utah land Title Association

North American Bar-Related® Title Insurers®

ATGF Officers

Eric Morgan - President
Jeff S. Ronbeck - Vice President
Jeff Dobberpuhl - Vice President

Board Members

Eric Morgan
Gordon Ewart
Jason Ewart
James Ohly
Maurizio Romanin
Oreste Chemello

Lou Ohly (Director Emeritus